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Browse through our gallery of 3D animated HVAC graphics. The dampers move, the fans turn, the coils change colors and glow.

ControlPix graphics are fully prepared - sliced and diced and ready to use on your customers' control system GUI websites. The PNG / GIF format files are compatible with most control systems. All you will have to do is implement them in your system. We hope that you will find our graphics to be priced lower than what it costs to build them yourself, and are of the quality that you can present with pride to your customers. We can help with the artwork so that your technical staff can spend their valuable productive hours doing the things that they are best at.


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  • HoneywellAHU_x
  • BLR_Kewaunee_HW_1
  • CH_ACC_Petra_x_1
  • s10
  • Lochinvar_Crest_Scene
  • Caterpillar_Generator 1
  • Chiller_Trane_30ton_screw 01
  • ElephantTrunk_x_1
  • CRAC_LiebertCW_Downflow_V2_x_1
  • BLR_AERCO_KC1000_x_1
  • CT_Evapco_AT_x_1
  • ERU_Wheel_HC_H_F_x_1


By request, we have posted our SmartParts steam and water valve calculators on this site.
Steam Valve Cv Calculator       Water Valve Cv Calculator

If something that you need is not on the site, please ask.


3D animated HVAC graphics for use with Tridium Niagara, Vykon, Staefa Talon, American Auto Matrix, Distech EC-Net, Johnson Controls Facility Explorer FX FX-40, Honeywell WEBsAX, Invensys Niagara Framework systems and many others.

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