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During the day, I worked as a control system engineer, now retired.  Years ago, the manufacturer that we represented was coming out with a new control system.  Their stock graphics were pretty ugly. I tried to convince them that when their customers looked at their user interface, that better graphics would greatly influence their satisfaction with their new system, and suggested that the customer would at least subconsciously be comparing the graphics of their new half million dollar control system to those on their kid’s ten dollar video game.  The manufacturer had someone make some nice graphics, but in the end, didn’t listen and went another direction.

Still wanting our own customers to have a premium experience when viewing their new system, I decided to figure out how to build them myself.  I knew what I wanted – actual perspective, the way our eyes see, so that it should be relaxing to look at. It should have easy to understand animation. It took a few years, and a lot of money spent on software that didn’t give me the look I wanted, but I finally found what I was looking for, and ControlPix was born.

The ultimate goal of ControlPix is happy customers for you.  We can help you to make your site look good, freeing you up so that you can have more time to make it work well.  The result should be a happy customer. Happy customers result in referrals, and hopefully, new projects for you.  When you make more money because of our graphics, you will hopefully come back to us for your other projects, and we will do OK, too.

Feel free to browse through our gallery of 3D animated HVAC graphics. The dampers move, the fans turn, the coils change colors and glow. Have a look at our 3D floor plans. Would they make your customers happy?

ControlPix graphics are fully prepared – sliced and diced and ready to use on your customers’ control system GUI websites. The PNG / GIF format files are compatible with most control systems. All you will have to do is implement them in your system. We hope that you will find our graphics to be priced lower than what it costs to build them yourself, and are of the quality that you can present with pride to your customers. We can help with the artwork so that your technical staff can spend their valuable productive hours doing the things that they are best at.

If you don’t see what you want here, please feel free to contact us. We can customize most anything, adding sensors and/or valves to detail it to your project