End User License Agreement

ControlPix End User License Agreement

Purchase of these image files indicates acknowledgement that you have read this license and are bound to the terms of the following agreement.

· You, the individual purchaser, may deploy these images on an unlimited number of your own end-user customers’ systems. You are not free to distribute these images to others for their use in creating graphics. If more than one person will be deploying these images, purchase multi-license packages, which are available at a discounted price. A few graphics will be licensed on a per-use basis, They will be clearly marked in the store.

· You may alter these files to suit project needs, You may not claim copyright on any works derived or incorporating elements from the images.

· Under no circumstances may any image or component thereof be redistributed, syndicated, resold, sublicensed, placed online in a downloadable format, or otherwise transferred to others in any form other than that described above.

· All image files accessed on this site are the property of ControlPix and are protected by international treaty and copyright law. On payment, ControlPix will grant single-user, non-exclusive, non-transferable license.