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Please note: If you had an existing user account on our previous website, it did not carry over. You will have to create a new one.


Accounts are created at checkout time with your first purchase. There is a checkbox at the bottom, to choose to have an account and if you want, sign up for occasional communications from us. You don’t need an account to check out.

If you don’t have an account, here are a couple of reasons to sign up.

  1. When you log in, you can see what your previous purchases have been.
  2. ControlPix gives you (3) downloads of each purchase. If you purchased a graphic and want to download it again in the future, just log in and download away.
  3. It gives us a way of staying in touch.¬† While we aren’t interested in spamming anyone, we would like to occasionally send you updates, maybe when we add a new section to the catalog, offer a new service, or have a sale. With some of those communications, it gives us the ability to send discount coupons to our members in appreciation of your business with us.