FAQ for 3D Floor Plans

Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Floor Plans

What is included? 
A basic floor plan includes one simple color for walls, one floor texture, and door openings. One rendering is included.

What sorts of options can be added? 
We can show multiple floor textures, such as gymnasiom floors, tile floors in rest rooms, etc. Plumbing fixtures, furniture, windows, exterior textures such as brick, can all be done. Of course, they are extra work for us, so we will have to charge for them.

What do I need to send you to get started? 
The best thing for us to work off of is AutoCAD drawings. They are to scale, and we can usually manipulate them to see just the walls. For you, it will give you the quickest turnaround time, and best result. An architectural drawing is usually the best, because it contains the least amount of clutter. Please include the “xref” files! We can’t see walls without them.Optionally, we can work with PDF files, best if generated directly from CAD, but OK if scanned with reasonably high resolution. Lower quality scans can be difficult to square up, read, and trace, so expect them to cost a little more.

We have even generated 3D floor plans from scanned fire escape route plans, and even phone photos of plans or screens. Generally, the better quality the floor plans that you send, the better job we can do with them. We do reserve the right to raise the price a little for originals that are difficult to read or square up.

Can I add ductwork, VAV boxes, mechanical equipment, etc.? 
Sometimes. Ask.
How long does it take? 
That is a little harder to predict. We have three artists currently doing floor plans for us, so depending on their workload, two to three weeks might be something to budget your time for.
How about additional renderings, such as breakout areas or key plans? 
They are typically about $35.00 each.